Beyond Human (Alien Sci-Fi Erotica Box Set)

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If you have a problem with adult themes or are under your country's legal age, please click away now. This article is not for you. And if you want to check out any of these titles for free, you can do so with Audible's one month free trial. Evangeline Anderson is proof of the popularity of erotic science fiction. The author has sold countless copies of her work, and has even made the New York Times bestseller list.

Sought deals with a plus sized woman who is being fought over by rival aliens. As well as the erotic content, Sought features journeys between alien planets. Plenty of hot action for fans of sci fi to enjoy. This is a premise likely to appeal to fans of submissive erotica. The alien race is warlike and powerful adding to the Domination theme.

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As well as fans of abduction erotica, this story is likely to appeal to readers who value action-packed science fiction, with plenty of masculine fight scenes to keep pulses racing. Erotica can come no pun intended in many varieties, from humorous and lighthearted to dark and sinister. Pythen definitely falls into the latter category.

Sci fi horror books like dead space

This is all about an alien invasion and the human prizes claimed during its course. The main human character is an everyday female, and the aliens featured are a strange and batlike race. Suitable for fans of darker erotica science fiction. Renee Rose has achieved something relatively rare with His Human Slave - respect from some mainstream romance reviewers.

Often, romance fans turn their nose up at sci fi themed erotica. However, His Human Slave has found acceptance among mainstream and genre fans alike.

This collection contains all five volumes, and tells the tale of erotica space rescue and a vast conspiracy, full of competing interests and tensions. For fans of medical sci fi erotica, the Invasion Ultra Bundle features a collection of ten complete stories. This contains a full series as well as some bonus tales.

This is an imaginative collection of sexy alien stories, guaranteed to thrill fans of the genre. Taking a quick detour from the sexy alien stories featured so far, we turn our attention to Eight Percent. This is an erotic take on the post-apocalyptic genre which is a very popular sci fi story type.

Into Reality LM Gregory. Even a year or so back, the idea of virtual reality based body swap erotica would sound a little crazy. If you want to check out the pioneers of the concept, look no further than stories such as Into Reality. This is probably worryingly close to becoming a real life thing, so get ready by reading this! Most of the erotic stories found on this list are darker in nature, which is to be expected from sci fi erotica.

However, A Warm Place is proof that the genre can be The story is set in a post-apocalyptic ice age. Readers have praised it for its engaging characters and positive tone.

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Definitely a switch up from most of the books found here. Two of the genres which have some of the highest numbers of subgenres are science fiction and erotica. She sure felt like their prey right now, and her body responded to their dominance with embarrassingly obvious results. Her breasts grew heavy and her nipples puckered under their heated gazes.

Bentaan stepped closer still, but Alzaar hung back, and simply stood watching her. Lord help her if they ever did. She would combust on the spot, for sure. Bentaan growled the words into her ear and she shut her eyes as the vibrations of his deep tenor trembled through her body.

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Warm puffs of air slid across her neck, as he ran the tips of his incisors along her skin with just enough force to leave marks. Oh, god! He had stepped closer to see what Bentaan was doing. Fangs fully extended, he watched the two of them with such a look of hunger on his face, Sapphyre was again reminded of a huge predator ready to devour her. Bentaan felt long, hard, and thick against her belly, but Alzaar looked even bigger, and Sapphyre forgot to breathe altogether, until Alzaar spoke. He grasped her chin with enough force to leave bruises and the harsh kiss that followed was more of a punishment than a token of affection, but Sapphyre leapt up the passion behind it.

She kissed him back with all of the emotion she was capable of and Bentaan ground his cock into her belly, and then pulled away with another curse. Instantly Alzaar filled her vision, and everything inside her just bowed in submission at the intense heat in his gaze.


He ran his hands up her neck and tilted it until his mark was exposed and his fangs ran out with an audible click. Sapphyre screamed as white hot arousal surged through her veins, and another pair of hands settled on her breasts. With an audible rip the fabric of her dress tore until she stood naked. As wet as she was the move hurt, as her body struggled to open up to him. Alzaar swore and released her wrists as he grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her off his cock a little to give her room to adjust. She grasped hold of his broad shoulders to steady herself, and then heat flared up in her butt, as Bentaan delivered a series of hard openhanded swats to her ass.

His amber eyes glowed and fangs fully extended he punctuated every growled word with another stinging swat to her ass. Her clit rubbed against his shaft with every move sent spirals of need through her body, and she tightened her thighs around his hips and rocked against him. A sharp bite to her lower back hurt and brought her arousal down a notch and Bentaan yanked her hair hard one last time before releasing it. Her scalp stung with the force and then his hot mouth soothed the sting of his earlier bite away, and she shut her eyes against the sensation of his tongue licking a path across her butt.

Cool air hit her crack when he pulled her ass cheeks apart and then licked up and down her cleft and her little puckered hole. He tunneled his tongue inside that dark place, and Alzaar held her still, while Bentaan prepared her for what she knew was coming.

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Instantly he grew bigger still inside and the pulsing off his dick almost made her come on the spot. I need to come. Bentaan withdrew his tongue and smacked her ass one last time, and then the hot, broad tip of his cock pushed against her nether hole. A strange sound filled the room, and it took her a moment to realize it came from her, as both men took it in turns to kiss her and murmured sweet nothings.

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  5. A warship is no place for a human mother and her child. However, Drakan Commander Alzaar and his second-in-command, Bentaan, have no choice but to bring Sapphyre and Jayde on board. Not least, because their instincts scream at them that she is the one woman who can turn them into a family again.