Blackjack Secrets: A Handbook for Beginners

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Thank You! If you want to get the third base at the blackjack table, just sit there; no mystery or blushing required. My hometown is Midwest City, Oklahoma, population 55,, give or take a few thousand Sooners. In recent years, the city has experienced significant tragedy. Even though the April bombing at the Murrah Federal Building occurred thirteen miles away in Oklahoma City, the sound of the blast was loud enough for my mom to think someone smashed a car into our garage.

Practically everyone in my hometown knew someone, or had a link to someone, who was involved in the bombing.

The 20 Best Books on Blackjack for Players of any Skill Level

From that information, you might easily infer that our town was near an Air Force base. Our mascot was a bomb-laden B aircraft with eight black plumes of smoke streaming from the jet engines, indicating that death and destruction were imminent to any visiting football team. Coincidentally, my junior high school was nicknamed the Thunderbirds, another military aircraft reference.

The crowd that I hung out with in high school had plenty of opportunities to get into trouble. Despite what you may have heard, cow-tipping is not a myth. The first two of these activities usually involved the fruitless pursuit of female Bombers. The main card game of choice for my circle of friends was gin rummy. We always gambled at gin, but not for a dime-a-point that my dad was accustomed to playing. Instead, we played for a dollar-a-game.

Nobody cared to play for more.

Blackjack Secrets: A Handbook for Beginners

The game was merely a setting for average food, good beer, and great humor. Even on the most lopsided of evenings, someone would leave the house down only five bucks. Sometimes, toward the end of the game, when I was the big loser for the evening, I would try to change the game, Anyone wanna play blackjack? Even as early as junior high, my friends occasionally busted me dealing from the bottom of the deck or sabotaging the shuffle.

When those ploys no longer worked, I would change the rules of the game to my advantage. I knew nothing about blackjack card-counting back then, but I was aware that certain rules favored the dealer over the rest of the players. As the guys grew older and wiser, they learned that I dealt a lot of bullshit along with the cards. As a result, none of my closest friends would play blackjack with me, or anyone in my family. Fortunately, there were other Midwest City High School students unaware of my blackjack shenanigans.

Fifty or sixty people filled the residence and spilled into the front yard. Although nobody at the party was twenty-one years old, empty beer cans and Reunite wine bottles were everywhere. What else was there to do? I spilled a few drops of pizza sauce on the carpet during the shuffle before the first hand.

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Should I clean it up or rub it in? Screw it. I rubbed it in. Rick was a friend, but not one of my best friends. Instead, I concentrated on the poker game. I surveyed the players. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors: Finding Profit and Humor in Card-Counting

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Create a List. Summary Why is there a twelve on the cover of this blackjack book instead of the usual twenty-one? For players pursuing the game for serious profit, Wiggy also presents practical tips on Aspects of blackjack basic strategy Fundamentals of card-counting Techniques for managing money Dangers of greedy gambling behavior Unlike most blackjack strategy guides, Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors wont teach you how to kill the dealer or make a living playing the game.

Deke Castleman, editor for Huntington Press Read more at www. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. To my loving mother in heaven, the definitive source of my sense of humor, thanks for my life. Preface This book is unlike every other blackjack book on the market. Illicit Blackjack Terminology Practically every blackjack strategy book begins with an introduction of the game, including a definition of terms used at the table and around the casino. No way, Wig, JD would say, You cheat. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1.

Close Dialog Are you sure? Also remove everything in this list from your library. Even though card counting is technically legal if you only use your brain , it is frowned upon by casinos. One warm evening in Las Vegas, a young man was walking on the famed Strip, contemplating what had just happened. He was a good card counter, he could count down a deck of cards accurately in 20 seconds flat, and knew his strategy deviations cold. There are two things you must have to beat the casinos: a winning system that you play accurately and a bankroll to support your betting.

Top Menu. Top Menu - Blackjack. Play Now - Online Casino. Top Menu- More Games- Craps. You are here. Each chapter begins with bullet points that explain what the reader will find in each chapter. Blackjack Strategies are presented in several formats, including easy-to-follow color-coded charts. Where appropriate, the math of a particular strategy is explained with examples. Each chapter ends with Key Takeaways and a Test Yourself quiz. The guide begins with "How to Play Blackjack" and then incrementally introduces topics that will give the reader the knowledge to play blackjack skillfully.