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You can go to cart and save for later there. Level 2. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. Product Highlights When Lucy's kitten goes missing, Reese and his Robot are eager to take the case and solve the mystery, but Reese realizes that Robot's silly mistakes are certain to make matters even more challenging than they already are.

When Lucy's kitten goes missing, Reese and his Robot are eager to take the case and solve the mystery, but Reese realizes that Robot's silly mistakes are certain to make matters even more challenging than they already are. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Savio is sent back to the Hoboken Zoo and Burt readies himself for Savio, although he was too late.

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When Private's Uncle Nigel visits the penguins, he quickly becomes a bore to all but his nephew. However, once they are alone, Nigel confides in Private that he is actually a spy targeting the Red Squirrel. The two soon head into Central Park to hunt for the villain, though Private does not believe he exists. However, Red soon appears; Nigel fights him and Private disarms his plant life-destroying missile before Red escapes. Later, at the HQ, the other penguins do not believe it when Private tells of taking on Red, and Nigel denies any confrontation took place.

Soon, however, all of the other penguins but Private are taken captive by Red. It is then up to Private to rescue them, which he accomplishes after blinding Red with the light from a Lunacorn toy prior to Red slipping away again. The penguins set off on a sailing trip to the Massachusetts coast, but poor weather abruptly tosses them onto the streets of Hoboken. There, the team is quickly noticed by humans, boxed, and brought to the feared Hoboken Zoo.

But the sight that greets them there is not the wasteland they had expected; instead, the zoo is pristine. Soon, the team is greeted by friends and enemies Lulu, Hans, Savio, Clemson, and Rhonda who cheerfully welcome the penguins to Hoboken and tell them about Frances, a new zookeeper who has made their lives enjoyable, including by letting them use massage chairs.

When Frances meets the penguins, she is equally as cheerful, though Skipper maintains that she is a "dark mastermind," even as his teammates begin to take a liking to Hoboken. The truth is finally revealed, however, when Frances puts Skipper down a chute into the ground, where he meets his teammates and the real Hoboken Zoo animals. Kowalski then explains that Frances had used the massage chairs to copy each animal into an android so as to have a clean zoo and be free of its "dirty" animals.

Soon after, the real animals and the androids confront each other as a press conference to honor Frances' work is held by the parks commissioner. Shortly after the resulting damaged android of Skipper lands in his hands, he fires Frances, and the animal-android battle continues as the episode ends. Nickelodeon promoted it as "Operation: Vacation" in advertisements.

Alone on a secret mission in Shanghai, Skipper walks into a trap set by Hans and Dr.

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Blowhole which results in Skipper's memories being taken from him by Blowhole's "mind jacker" device before he falls into the ocean. Blowhole plans to use the mind-jacked information to aid in assaulting the penguins' HQ. Later, Skipper washes up on an island, confused about where he is and how he got there. To aid in helping him regain his memory, Skipper's mind hallucinates a "spirit guide" for him to follow in the form of Alex , a lion who had once been a Central Park Zoo neighbor.

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With "Alex" accompanying him, Skipper sets out to return to New York. Meanwhile, Blowhole has unveiled his Diaboligizer invention to his lobster minion Red One, a device which transforms those hit by its ray into evil creatures of destruction. Blowhole plans to use the Diaboligizer on Kowalski, Rico, and Private, and heads to Manhattan to carry out his plan. He enters the penguins' HQ at the same time Julien and Mort are attempting to pilfer Kowalski's experimental power cell, which Julien wishes to use to replace the dead battery in his MP3 player.

With the power cell inside, the Diaboligizer's ray hits it instead of the penguins, resulting in the device increasing in size, floating in the air, and creating an energy bubble which causes the whole zoo to speak only through song. Blowhole manages to exploit this development by singing to tame the mutant MP3 player in order to take control of it and then leaves the zoo with it to unleash his wrath against the city.

Skipper then returns and the penguins and lemurs then set out to stop Blowhole, which is accomplished when Skipper's singing serves as a distraction so that the power cell can be removed from the MP3 player. Skipper then activates Blowhole's mind jacker on him and Blowhole returns to Coney Island to perform as "Flippy". Special guest stars : Neil Patrick Harris as Dr.

Blowhole and Wally Wingert as Alex the lion. Kowalski unveils his latest invention: "nanites," tiny robots which are capable of operating any mechanical object, thus freeing the penguins of time spent on chores. Skipper initially fears the nanites will become another of Kowalski's disastrous inventions, but changes his mind after Kowalski demonstrates that the nanites are programmed to not allow any harm to come to a penguin.

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Unfortunately, the programming has the unintended consequence of the nanites becoming overprotective, first by inhibiting the team's rescue of Barry the poison-dart frog when his tongue is caught in the cotton candy machine- although they are able to outmaneuver the nanites and save Barry anyway- and later by containing them in their HQ.

The nanites fight back against the penguins' attempts to shut them down by assembling a large robotic form from various pieces of technology around the zoo, but are unstoppable until Kowalski is injured after his attempt to hit the robot with an EMP causes it to fall on top of him, with the nanites then self-terminating because they had violated their penguin non-harm protocol. Following the fourth failure of Kowalski's "Nextoskeleton" invention in many months, Private spots something more horrific than Kowalski's crash: an unflattering doodle of himself on a nearby wall.

Private then asks the snail that drew it why he had done so, and learns that the snail, Dale, hates him for having stepped on him the previous spring in the park. Private has no memory of the incident, but wishes to make things right; his efforts result in accidentally crushing Dale twice more. Later, Dale gains access to Kowalski's Nextoskeleton and wishes to exact poetic justice: to step on Private the same way he had been stepped on with the suit. But when Private points out that the suit belonged to Kowalski, Dale realizes he was in error and holds Private blameless, then uses the Nextoskeleton to pursue Kowalski instead.

Hunter, a young leopard seal pup, is accidentally brought to New York inside the fishing nets of Antarctic poachers Cecil and Brick. Though fearful of her at first, after he rescues Hunter from a fish-processing hopper, Private asks the other penguins to help return her to Antarctica.

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Though Hunter presents herself as a non-penguin-eating "fishetarian," the others fear her predatory instincts and decide to help her only as far as launching her from the HQ into the East River with the instruction "go south". Not wanting Hunter to have to travel to Antarctica alone, Private launches with her, forcing the others to have to follow by submarine.

In Antarctica, a group of leopard seals led by Hunter's father wishes to eat Private, but he is quickly declared off limits after Hunter tells of Private saving her. The other three penguins, however, are slated to become a meal. Hunter and Private try to explain that seals and penguins need not be predator and prey, but the message is lost when Hunter shows off a friend move she and Private had done together involving shaking Private in her mouth, which is misinterpreted as a hunting technique.

After feeling sad that she is not understood, Hunter, along with Private and Julien, who had been a submarine stowaway, rescue the other penguins, though the hungry seals pursue. But when Private saves Hunter's father from falling off a ledge in the process, he accepts that natural instincts are not everything. The penguins wish to bring an extinct Waitaha penguin back to life, but end up cloning a dodo instead due to Skipper's grabbing of the wrong feather from the museum during a hasty retreat. The cloned bird, Dode, after introducing himself as a daredevil, manages to subsequently blow himself up with Rico's flamethrower just as the penguins begin to discuss how to help him.

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Dode is then cloned repetitively, only to manage to get himself killed through various reckless actions each time, which Kowalski attributes to dodo DNA having evolved to lack fear genes through centuries of having no natural predators. The penguins then insist that their next Dode wear safety gear, and chase after him when he refuses. In the process, Kowalski's cloning machine is accidentally tipped over, cloning untold numbers of dodos before exploding and losing its life-giving Higgs boson particle , making future cloning impossible.

These final Dodes then recklessly kill themselves, except for one which the penguins manage to save by daring him into having a staring contest with a taxidermied dodo at the museum, which he begins doing for perpetuity.

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