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This earned a comment from Mr. Collins about inappropriate condescension of a country squire—what was perhaps acceptable in Hertfordshire would not be tolerated in Kent. Bennet allowed this insult to pass without comment, and a red-face Mr. Jones took his seat—in Mr. With quiet efficiency, a plate appeared before the gentleman while he gave his report. She suffered no ill effects from her swoon. I understand she dines upstairs with her sister?

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As for Mr. Darcy, he was not as fortunate. I suspect a fracture of the lower leg—the fibula, to be exact. The discoloration reveals the location of the injury, you see. Very painful, I am sorry to say. Jones, how dreadful! Bennet cried. The apothecary was astonished. Oh, most certainly, Mrs. There are two bones in the lower leg, you see, and the fibula is the minor of the two. I have slapped a splint on it, and given quiet rest, the gentleman shall be as right as rain in a couple of months. Bingley, would your carriage be sufficient to transport your friend back to Netherfield, or shall we use one of my wagons?

The patient cannot be moved. Certainly you are not saying he must remain here! Bennet, we cannot take any chances. Moving Mr.

Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner – Jack Caldwell

Darcy may exacerbate the injury; the bone may shift, endangering the leg! No, Mr. Darcy certainly cannot be moved. It is unthinkable. Bennet placed a hand on her heart. Darcy must not be moved at all, even upstairs. He must stay where he is. The apothecary nodded. Bennet bristled. Darcy will be comfortable. Now, there is good company and no mistake!

To be honest, my sister Catherine—no, Kitty. I must remember that she wants to be called Kitty—my sister Kitty has been good company, too. She spends the majority of her time visiting us or the Bingleys. She and Georgiana have had a good influence on each other and are now as thick as thieves. I cannot say the same about my other sisters. Mary remained at Longbourn, and I see no material improvement there.

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I wish I could say they did not have their hands in my pocket, but I can afford a little occasional generosity and make Elizabeth happy, as long as Straw for Brains never sets foot in any of my houses. So I grumble and make a show, help Useless in his profession, and make sure I am at Matlock or on a shooting trip with Bingley when Lydia comes to visit. I never thought I could change so. Elizabeth even convinced me to forgive my Aunt Catherine for her intolerable interference and invite the old hag to Pemberley. Wonders of wonders, she came!

Elizabeth is probably right. She usually is. It takes a real man to write historical fiction, so let me tell you a story.

Now, the rest of the story. The hits keep coming with my release of the Audiobook version of MR. Michaela James did a fantastic job with it.

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Check it out at Audible. Jack Caldwell is an author, amateur historian, professional economic developer, playwright, and like many Cajuns, a darn good cook. Always a history buff, Jack found and fell in love with Jane Austen in his twenties, struck by her innate understanding of the human condition. Jack uses his work to share his knowledge of history. Through his characters, he hopes the reader gains a better understanding of what went on before, developing an appreciation for our ancestors' trials and tribulations.

When not writing or traveling with his wife, Barbara, Jack attempts to play golf. A devout convert to Roman Catholicism, Jack is married with three grown sons. Skip to comment form. Jack, I was chuckling to myself all the way through this extract, causing raised eyebrows from those around me! To me, Darcy always had a sense of humour that rarely showed but to listen to his internal monologue in this extract was highly amusing, especially his observations on the people around him. Though I think even Wickham still has a long way to go to be in the same class as Lord Voldemort.

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It will be another item on my TBR list when it is. Looking forward to reading it. I might just have my rather dog-eared copy of the original open at the same time. Bennet and Lady Catherine. Sorry to see CCC is at an end, but it was great to see the kinder, humbler Darcy emerge. I I am looking forward to reading all of it. As Anji said I really enjoyed all your nicknames that Darcy had for Wickham. Thanks for sharing. How can Darcy not be a big softy?

Look how he treats Georgiana. Thanks for reading. The PDF will be up soon. Florida is not always retirement, Carol. Very entertaining as always, thanks for writing this version of Darcy, it makes him so human and real or perhaps modern is a better descriptor either way it has been a joy so thank you!

What an enjoyable read…. LOL And teasing Kitty and tolerating the whole of the Bennetts…thanks for putting it in book form too. I will stay tuned! My reading is behind anyway because of school. Thanks Jack!! Good luck to you and do keep writing!!

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Loved this line! Favourite part is the conversation between Kitty and Darcy.

Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner: A Pride & Prejudice Farce Read Online PDF - Video Dailymotion

That would be a priceless story with your twists to it! Though you did write a wonderful book with her in it, Three Colonels, which I absolutely loved. Then the exchange between Darcy and Kitty…sweet. Thank you! Really enjoyable ending! He sounds content and satisfied, finally, and his sentiments towards his family are pretty cheerful and tolerant, despite all their shortcomings that used to grate on him. His interaction with Kitty was so gentle and sweet. Looking forward to whatever you have planned next! How much and how little, Kathy. Thanks for commenting! Beautiful, Jack! My favorite line in this post: The trials of being me.