Pentagon Attacks

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CBS News Journalists Express Shock as Smoke Emanates From the Pentagon

Alles in a separate interview with PolitiFact in July said that he had no knowledge of Trump being at ground zero or sending at least workers to help. Alles told PolitiFact that he was at the scene 20 minutes after the second building collapsed.

In addition, Alles said "there would be a record" if Trump had sent a crew of at least workers to help out at ground zero. Trump said while campaigning ahead of the election on Nov.

9/11 Timeline: Revisiting the September 11 Attacks at World Trade Center, Pentagon, Flight 93

The next day he also claimed that he saw on television that "there were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. Both officials warned removing American forces from the region would leave the Kurds vulnerable to Turkish military operations.

Pentagon-Released Video of Osama bin Laden Talking About Terrorist Attacks B

Among the issues at stake with an American military withdrawal is what becomes of the some 11, ISIS fighters and family held in makeshift prison camps in northern Syria run by SDF. Trump said Turkey and other European nations would need take responsibility for those fighters, saying the United States would not take responsibility for them.

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Jason Crow, D-Colo. If it was, he wrote, the military could return to its operations against the terrorists. We are miles away and will crush ISIS again if they come anywhere near us! Lindsey Graham, R-S.

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He and Sen. Chris Van Hollen Jr. When first approaching the expansive Memorial Gateway, visitors will spot a black granite stone stating the date and time of the tragic plane crash: Sept.

September 11 attacks

We will never forget. The benches are arranged along an age line, according to the year each victim was born. They are positioned to differentiate those who were on board American Airlines Flight 77 and those who were in the Pentagon, and each contains a pool of water that reflects light in the evenings.