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The group denies this although differences over how hard to push the army remain.

No one can divide us and the army. He said the army should provide a timetable for handing power to civilians.

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The generals say they are moving as fast as possible to do this and deny dragging their feet. While the army is expected to hand day-to-day government to civilians after elections, some protesters expect it to keep a hand on power, partly because of its vast business interests.

However, the Brotherhood has sought to heal some divisions with other groups.

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It made a statement of support for the April 6 movement, which in a rare move by the army, was singled out for trying to divide the people and the military. April 6 has been at the forefront of criticism of the military. One of the persistent protester demands has been for a swifter trial for Mubarak, now set for August 3. Protesters say the army wants to drag it out to protect its former commander-in-chief and the army from public humiliation. He has not been transferred to a prison, as his two sons and other officials have, due to illness.

Fate of neighborhood uncertain. Daraa soon became a rallying cry across the country for what began as a rural and provincial-driven uprising.

Algeria protests grow against fifth term for president

Syrians compare the dramatic dynamics in the rural city to the moment Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi torched himself in December Bouazizi's act and death spawned demonstrations that led to the grassroots ouster of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and fueled other protests across the Arab world. More Videos Reports of major army assault on Homs Getting supplies in, hurt out of Syria Who are the key players in Syria?

Syrian crisis continues as UN fails Mohamed Masalmeh -- a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Syrian activist whose family hails from Daraa -- said Daraa residents broke the people's "wall of fear" by defying what he and others call a police state and taking to the street. Omar Almuqdad, a journalist from Daraa now living in Turkey, said, "They started protesting day after day. A clampdown on a a Muslim Brotherhood uprising by the current president's predecessor and father -- President Hafez Assad -- killed thousands in Hama in When Bashar al-Assad took the presidency after his father died in , he gave lip service to reforms.

But activists who emerged from the so-called Damascus Spring after the death of Hafez and those in who urged reforming what they said was an "authoritarian, totalitarian and cliquish regime" found themselves in trouble with the authorities. There was sectarian and ethnic unrest in the last decade, too, with a Druze uprising flaring in and a Kurdish rebellion erupting in When the Arab Spring unfolded last year, Syrians imbibed the contagious revolutionary fervor spreading across the Middle East.

But the anger smoldered under the surface because of the Goliath-sized, all-seeing and all-knowing security and spying apparatus. Protests popped up in Syria as video images of public defiance in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia swept the world -- small outpourings seen by observers as tests to build a Syrian nerve to take to the streets. Remote Daraa sits just a few miles from the Jordanian border.

Algeria protests grow against fifth term for president | World news | The Guardian

It has had its economic struggles, such as drought and drops in subsidies and salaries. Nevertheless, it had been a reliable bastion of support for the regime and its Baath party. We both came from relatively middle-class families. The couple are debating whether to have children, given the financial uncertainties. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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