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A madman has just ravaged an elementary school in Connecticut, leaving 20 children and six faculty dead in his wake. This was exactly the case with Spain, long drained by war-contributions and ravaged by contending factions.

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The fame of his deed spread through all Norway, especially in those parts where the berserks had ravaged most mercilessly. The big square head and ravaged face were set on a strong throat. Hardly a year passes in which not one or the other of the German states and provinces is ravaged by floods. God forbid that your spring also should be ravaged by the autumn winds of martyrdom.

Mi Gente Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. RELATED WORDS demolish , devastate , consume , wreck , overwhelm , raze , ruin , shatter , damage , impair , plunder , pillage , gut , disrupt , overrun , desolate , forage , exterminate , wrest , rob. Nearby words raurkela , rauschenberg , rauschenbusch , rauwolfia , rav , ravage , ravana , ravc , rave , rave hook , rave-up. Can be confused ravage ravish ravenous ravaging ravishing see synonym study at ravenous.

Synonym study 1. Ravage, devastate, lay waste all refer, in their literal application, to the wholesale destruction of a countryside by an invading army or something comparable. And, while the links among climate change, migration and security are complex and difficult to disentangle, researchers project this type of chain reaction could become more common. These flows are likely to destabilize entire regions and lead to conflict.

In Honduras, agriculture employs nearly one-third of the country's population, and immigration analysts point to the fact that roughly half the adults apprehended at the U.

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Agriculture employs nearly one-third of Honduras's population, and immigration analysts note that roughly half the adults apprehended at the U. The tropical dry forest belt that stretches from southern Mexico to Panama has experienced declines in rainfall of up to 40 percent and intense heat for long stretches. In other years, heavy rainfall washes out crops or makes it impossible to plant or harvest. This could have "disastrous consequences on the cultivation of basic grain crops, such as corn, which are part of the region's subsistence agriculture. As farmers battle weather extremes, food supplies could dwindle, shaking security both within and beyond Honduras.

The road into El Rosario in north central Honduras, about miles north of the capital Tegucigalpa, climbs through the scrubby hillsides for several miles, then slopes downward as it approaches the village primary school and a library with a hand-painted wooden sign above the threshold: "La Biblioteca Regional de Dr. Dean J. Seibert is a doctor from Vermont who taught at Dartmouth College's medical school for decades — and a veteran of humanitarian emergencies.

He's traveled to trauma-sieged countries around the world, taking care of thousands of people suffering from physical and emotional shocks brought on by nature and man.

He's experienced the aftermath of wars in Liberia and the Balkans, natural disasters in Indonesia and Pakistan. He first came to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch decimated the country, burying villages in landslides and killing thousands in He's been returning to the country — to El Rosario — ever since.

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And, at the age of 86, each trip feels crucial. Dean Seibert, a doctor from Vermont, has been bringing community development assistance to El Rosario for more than 20 years. Here he sits with Narcissa Vieda and her son, who live nearby in Los Planes.

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This winter, Seibert sat in the front seat of an SUV as it jolted along the winding dirt road leading to the village. Years ago, the road would get so rained out, it would become impassible, but today the SUV's tires kick up a dust storm. After decades making the same trek, Seibert knows the road well. He points out the lumber mill, the particularly dangerous curves, the trail in the hillside that leads to the simple home of Carlos Lopez. Paralyzed by polio, Lopez lives in a cluster of houses with no electricity. Without any family, he manages to get around by pulling himself forward on his hands and makes a few lempira powering people's cell phones with a donated solar charger.

He came on board a few years after ACTS built the health clinic, and is now the group's driving force, conscience and heart. Dean, as everyone in the village calls him, persuades cadres of volunteers, mostly from New England, to travel to El Rosario five times a year. With each trip they haul giant red duffel bags, stuffed with supplies: ibuprofen, bandages, school books and donated clothes that a woman named Lillian Dominga Mejia sells on her porch.

She sits in a wheelchair that won't navigate the village's rutted, dusty roads. She gives half her proceeds to a community group. The small community development organization that Dean Siebert runs has spent years boosting medical, education and agriculture support for the El Rosario area. Seibert is relentless, lining up one meeting or project after the next. The only allowance he gives himself are a daily nap and a bed at the clinic so he can plug in a machine for his sleep apnea. As a doctor and educator, Seibert has focused on growing and improving the medical facilities and schools in El Rosario and the surrounding villages.

Now there's a full-time nurse, pharmacy, visiting surgeons, a new dental office with big white teeth painted around the perimeter. His namesake library is stocked with books; the school has computers and an internet connection. But a couple of years ago, Ronis Martinez, the farmer, delivered news that came as a shock to Siebert, who hadn't visited the village since the onset of the drought: There had been little rain and crops had been failing for several years.

Now Seibert is attempting to shift ACTS' work toward agriculture, knowing that decades of progress could collapse if the people of El Rosario can't grow their own food. Siebert realizes a huge challenge lies ahead, one that goes beyond corralling U. So, he has combed Honduras for every agricultural expert or group he can find, and is trying to organize a local committee to tackle the problem — to find new varieties of drought-resistant crops, new ways of irrigating, new ways of treating the soil so it's more resilient.

And he worries about his friends in El Rosario. At home in Vermont, Seibert keeps up with the news about Central America and the plight of people in its Dry Corridor, where hunger rates are climbing, driving people to migrate. Has the new community vegetable garden been planted? Water's being rationed.

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Real progress was being made. But now there's a different feeling creeping in.

Ravaged by Drought, a Honduran Village Faces a Choice: Pray for Rain or Migrate

They're realistic enough to appreciate there may be no resolving this problem. In Los Planes, where a smattering of mud-walled houses perch along a road to El Rosario's north, Hilda Vieda depends on donated food and on the skinny chickens and pigs that roam into her one-room house. Her husband was shot and killed for his cell phone, leaving her to take care of their four children, two of whom have a genetic disease that blinds and kills at an early age. In the village school in Los Planes, north of El Rosario, a mural on the wall encourages young residents not to leave.

A short walk away, there's a one-room school with caged windows and a scattering of pastel-colored benches on a concrete floor. Faded pictures of the alphabet and math symbols are taped to the walls. In one corner hangs a map of the world. In another, a hand-drawn poster with pictures of children, walking in groups or talking to a police officer. What it means is: Don't Leave. Migration to the United States from Honduras and from its neighboring Northern Triangle countries, El Salvador and Guatemala, has climbed in recent years.

Apprehensions of migrants from these countries at the U. Of that number, nearly 91, were Hondurans. The reasons are complex, but the increase in migration coincides with the drought, which began in , and the United Nations World Food Program says the drought is directly tied to higher migration from the region. In emergency surveys, people living in the Dry Corridor told UN officials that a lack of food was the primary driver. Poverty, unemployment and violence were also reasons people left the area — all three reasons being linked to drought, they said.

Last summer, the Honduran government declared a national emergency because of food shortages, joining governments in El Salvador and Guatemala, which issued similar alerts. Nearly , families in Honduras and 2 million people across the region lacked adequate food. In the Dry Corridor, there are two growing seasons— the first stretching from spring through summer, the second from summer into late fall.

The second can help make up for crop losses in the first. It's a very difficult situation. He has met with agriculture experts in the country to learn about new ways to farm in the parched valley. Many farmers from the Dry Corridor travel each year to work in the country's coffee-growing areas, earning wages that are critical for their survival.

But in recent years, a pathogen has damaged the coffee crop, Honduras' biggest export. Some research has found that climate change has worsened the spread of the pathogen and will likely stoke its expansion.

Without income and food supplies, and with an uncertain outlook for this coming growing season, could see yet higher levels of food insecurity. The Famine Early Warning System says food shortages have reached, or will reach, crisis levels, mostly among poorer households across Central America. In El Rosario, people know about the migrant caravans, which started last fall in San Pedro Sula, a city overrun by drug gangs and violence a few hours to the northwest.

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They also know that people in the Dry Corridor, just to their south and west, are going hungry, unable to produce or buy food. Jacobo Suazo and his colleagues at Sustainable Harvest International are based in Siguatepeque, in the mountainous center of the country about two hours southwest of El Rosario. Every day he hears about the struggles of farmers in the area and says he's not just worried, but convinced that the region around El Rosario will be next.