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Jack and Annie are summoned once again to the fantasy realm of Camelot. There, Merlin the Magician tells them that Before he can fi Parents, teachers, and librarians hail the chapter-book Before Jack and Annie can find out, the mysterious tree house whisks them to the prehistor Jack and Annie nearly freeze when the Magic Tree House whisks them But that's what they get when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to ancient Egypt.

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STRAVAGANZA: City of Masks

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Synopsis During the day, Lucien battles cancer in his modern, normal life. Magic Tree House Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve by Mary Pope Osborne The 1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Her only escape is to go horse riding. When she falls asleep holding a miniature winged horse figurine, she wakes up in a stable in Talia in the city of Remora Renaissance Siena , a city divided in twelve sections for each of the signs of the western zodiac.

Here, she meets the Montalbani family, which includes the Horsemaster Paolo and his son Cesare. Paolo, like Rodolfo, is a Stravagante and reveals to Georgia who is mistaken initially for a boy and retains this as a disguise throughout the book, her name is Giorgio that she has come at a very important time: a horse race known as the Stellata is about to take place.

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The Twelfth of the Ram, which holds ties to the city of Bellezza and is the twelfth of the Montalbanis, has not won the race in twenty-five years. The Twelfth place their hopes in the birth of a special horse in the Twelfth of the Ram, one that may actually bring about the luck the twelfth needs to break their losing streak.

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The di Chimici family antagonists in the first book intend them to lose again to prove to the new Duchessa of Bellezza, Arianna Rossi formerly Arianna Gasparini , and her father, Rodolfo, the advantages of joining their alliance by marrying Gaetano di Chimici, the homely but charming third son of the head of the family, Duke Niccolo of Giglia. Gaetano, while willing to submit to his father's ambitions, would rather study and is more concerned about the well-being of his younger brother, Falco, who was crippled in a riding accident.

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Lucien, the protagonist of the first book, now known as Luciano and living as a full-time resident of Bellezza — as well as other important supporting characters, such as Silvia the old Duchessa , Rodolfo, and Arianna, appear again. Sky Meadows, a teenager whose mother is recovering from a longtime illness, is shy and reclusive, partly because he feels he needs to protect his mother, and doesn't seem to have the nerve to tell the girl he likes how he feels mostly because she has a pair of rather familiar tough looking friends, a girl with tiger-striped red hair and the school's fencing champion.

Everything changes when Sky finds a blue perfume bottle and falls asleep with it in his hand. He awakes in Giglia the Talian version of Florence where the pharmacist-friar and Stravagante Sulien is waiting for him.

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Sky, given the name Celestino Pascoli, finds himself embroiled in a world of art and intrigue as the di Chimici family prepares for four weddings. Once again Bellezza's young Duchessa becomes involved as she has been invited as a guest by Gaetano di Chimici, one of the grooms and a personal friend of hers, and also to commission a statue of her sculpted by the great Giuditta Miele, another Stravagante. Meanwhile, the di Chimici family and its rival, the Nucci family, have reached a point in their age old blood feud where the flood gates are about to open. Luciano, Arianna, Georgia, Falco di Chimici now Nicholas Duke, foster-son of the Mulhollands , and other important characters from the previous books appear again, such as Silvia, and Rodolfo.

Another Stravagante from the modern world appears, a dyslexic but extremely intelligent young man named Matt, whose talisman happens to be a book. Transported to the Scriptorium of Padavia University, where Matt works as a printer of forbidden texts under the guidance of the Stravagante Constantin, who is known amongst the public as a professor of Rhetoric at the university. During his visits, Matt meets Luciano, who is studying at the university, and Arianna, who is secretly visiting Luciano while disguised as a boy. However, insecurities regarding his ability to read puts on a strain on Matt's life and the discovery of other Stravaganti in his world result in more trouble than Matt can deal with.

Meanwhile, the di Chimici continue their attempts to unify northern Talia under their rule and attempt to convince the ruler of Padavia to enforce new rules against occult practices that the di Chimici will hope to single out the Stravaganti. Isabel, nicknamed "Bel", is the younger twin by ten minutes and has spent her entire life in the shadow of her brother Charlie, who is naturally more talented than she is at anything and is genuinely nice.

Unable to compare to her brother, Isabel avoids drawing attention to herself and concentrates on her only unique talent: art. However, when she is transported to the Talian city of Classe the Talian version of Ravenna with a tesserae mosaic fragment, she finds herself in a world with mosaics, pirates, and traders.

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As the city prepares for an attack from the Gate people from the east, Isabel finds that she is a crucial element for defending the city and realizes the opportunity to finally find her true strengths and impress her brother. Desperately unhappy, Laura has resorted to secretly self-harming. But Laura is a Stravagante, somebody who can travel in time and space. When she finds her talisman, a small silver dagger, she stravagates with it to sixteenth-century Fortezza, a town similar to Lucca in Italy, where she meets her Stravagante, who is a swordsmith.

But Laura also meets the charming and attractive Ludo, and falls for him. Their love for each other is tested when Ludo lays claim to the crown of Fortezza, and Laura finds herself fighting on the side of the Stravaganti opposing him A thrilling tale filled with battles on the field and battles of the heart, which finishes with a long-awaited wedding between two much loved characters.

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Characters are grouped according to geographical association, either by the city-state they are primarily associated with or where the character's first appearance in the series occurred.