The Best Gluten Free Pizza Recipes

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Made from a few-ingredient cheesy tapioca flour dough inspired by Brazilian cheese bread, this gluten-free pizza dough recipe is fast and easy for pizza night at home! Our two-year-old is on the extreme end of stubborn and persistent. We were on top of our parenting game…until I almost ruined pizza for her last week. I served a chickpea socca flatbread covered with cheese and veggies for dinner one night and called it pizza. Specifically that it must be made with this gluten-free pizza dough. When Lucas tried to convince me to go out for pizza last night, I countered with homemade pizza, which in my opinion tastes better.

More on that to come! A few months later, those dreams extended to include cheesy gluten-free pizza crust after a life-changing crust at a Boston pizzeria. While the restaurant did not confirm it, their gluten-free pizza crust tasted remarkably similar to my Brazilian cheese bread and from there I immediately went back to testing. Brazilian cheese bread has all the characteristics that make it perfectly suited for pizza crust.

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It bakes up with a crispy exterior that browns up with a chewy, cheesy, bready interior that stretches and pulls like traditional yeasted pizza crust. Namely, cheese. The second pizza crust non-negotiable for me is that the bottom must be crispy. This is where I find that many gluten-free pizza crusts are lacking. Not this crust though! The cheese-y gluten-free pizza dough browns and crisps on the bottom while still having the classic pizza crust chew.

Basic Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Possibly the best part? In the bowl of a stand mixer, add tapioca flour to hot milk and oil.

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Then mix in eggs followed by cheese. Press it out and bake. This is now my favorite go-to gluten-free pizza recipe for weeknight dinners. No gums needed! Honestly, the most annoying part of this recipe is that the dough is so darn sticky. Once coated in a thin layer of tapioca flour, the dough acts like a traditional yeasted pizza dough with stretch and pull. Need topping inspiration?

Here are a few of my favorites that you can make on top of this gluten-free pizza dough recipe. The par-bake and final bake time will depend on your toppings.

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For example, if you're using fresh mozzarella as a topping, par-bake the crust for longer, but then bake the crust for only 7 minutes once you add the toppings because the cheese just needs to melt. If you're using other toppings like mushrooms or pepperoni, par-bake for just 10 minutes, then bake for 10 minutes longer once you add the toppings. I absolutely love this idea!! Trying it out immediately — thanks for the inspiration Sarah! I love the idea of this pizza crust! I must try next time I have access to these ingredients…and a real oven that is!

Fascinating bread dough! It just really sounds wonderful as a pizza crust! Why would you ever go out for pizza when the homemade version looks like this?? Yes please. I love the crust idea! Sarah, You talked about a Boston Pizzeria — do you mean Otto? Because their crust is very delicious! The place we went to was called Dirty Water Dough and the gf crust was sooo good! It was toooooo wet to place on a parchment. It will be really sticky at first right out of the bowl but not wet! Hope it still turned out fo you! I know from experience that gluten free cooking requires precision so I was very careful with my measurements, I used US cups and weighed the tapioca starch to exactly g.

After adding the second egg, it was completely liquid. I mixed it in a food processor for about minutes and it seemed like it was getting more and more liquid. I always make the dough using my stand mixer, but I included the food processor option because I know many people make Brazilian cheese bread in a food processor.

Basic Gluten Free Pizza Dough | bring back pizza night

That being said, it makes me wonder if the power of your food processor made it soupy instead of dough-like. Did you use a dough blade for the food processor? If not, what brand of tapioca starch did you use? Butter is not a vegan ingredient. I look forward to trying this soon; my grandaughter is new to dairy restrictions and really missing pizza. This looks amazing!! I was just talking to someone who was looking for a great gluten free crust recipe!

This is it! Thanks for the recipe!!

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  4. I gave up gluten a few years ago for some stomach issues I was having. Giving up gluten never completely helped but it seemed to make them feel better. This pizza crust looks so perfect! The store-bought gluten free pizza crusts can be expensive, love that you can make this right at home!

    Thank you, Danielle!! They can be so expensive!

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    That looks like a great pizza! This looks way more worth it.

    6 Satisfying Gluten-Free Recipes

    I know!! And I need pizza in my life, so I always end up buying them! You always make eating GF look so good! I love this! Those tomatoes and olives on your pizza look soooooo good! Thanks Julia! Just a bunch of bad ones, haha! I was at the store yesterday debating the pizza mix to the flour.

    The sugar in the mix made the call. Making this tonight!! Oh such a pretty pizza, Izzy! This sounds delicious, Izzy!! It really is magic! I will try it for sure next time since a few say its real good. Beautiful pizza, Izzy! I love gluten free crust but I think it is super difficult to find a good gluten free pizza dough to make. I love this recipe, especially because you add the maple syrup. Sounds so flavourful!! Thanks Olivia! That is one beautiful looking pizza.

    I have recently started eating gluten free again, but I have yet to make a gluten free pizza. I am adding yours to the list of things I need to try. Thank you, Katie! This pizza crust recipe seriously does look perfect! I tried a homemade gluten free pizza dough for my father in law once. It was a disaster. I am trying your recipe from now on! You should totally try this one for him, Natalie!! Yeah, unfortunately I have tried a lot of disaster ones too! Totally bookmarking this for when I see my mom and sister! They always talk about how hard it is to find a good gluten-free pizza crust!

    This looks delicious! It really is so hard!!