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Billy Porter was born on September 21, ; He is an American stage performer, pop singer, and actor Sleep Trivia: Weird and Interesting Facts Sleep has always been fascinating to humans. What are The name of what American state means meadowland? On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what?

A: Skydive. Age, sex and the number of participants does not make a difference. The other North American bird often bred for food is the Muscovy duck. How much do you know? Weird and Wonderful Money Facts and Trivia Money Hungry From dirty money, to fake money, to fast money, to funny money - human beings are fascinated with the dollar bills, coins and cards that let us accumulate wealth and perhaps happiness.

I've always loved trivia, and back many years ago I began keeping an informal database of interesting or funny trivia I ran across. Ewing hears a noise outside his office, walks out to the corridor to look, and is shot twice by an unseen assailant. Actually, now that you mention it, it is kind of weird to have an 80's T. The contents of this site are available for free thanks to the contributions of our sponsors.

Sherwood Anderson, an American writer, died after an accidentally swallowed toothpick had damaged his gastrointestinal tract, causing an infection which led to peritonitis. Black is a pioneering neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of brain tumors, introducing a pair of… Feast Day of the Triumph of the Cross.

There's something interesting for everyone, so have a look at the questions and answers in this sports trivia, and test your sporting knowledge. Facts about American dad. It might be a subtle difference, and it might make the series sound more "distinguished", but the letter "F" stood for, well, you probably can figure it out, and was therefore pulled by producers who didn't appreciate Drew Carey's humor. In short, here we move towards the best U. Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday. Uncommon knowledge that's kind of fun to read, and might be useful in esoteric conversations, but otherwise not worth much at all.

Spring of Trivia. We've noticed you're currently running ad blocking software. It has been said that a Trivia and Strange Facts. Read some of the trivia and facts to the class. In English tradition, Wednesday is considered the "best day" to marry, although Monday is for wealth General Trivia Questions and Answers A lot of general trivia questions and answers can be found online, this particular list is not just recent, but has also been carefully selected for you to read, understand and have fun.

There are hundreds of thousands of weird laws around the world - so how good is your Alabama, USA: It is against the law to throw confetti or spray silly string. Minnie Buckingham Harper, a member of the House of Delegates by appointment in , was the first African American woman to become a member of a legislative body in the United States. Fun Holidays are all the fun, wacky and trivial celebrations throughout the year. They're great icebreakers and help make any event memorable. They were held in place by a spring attached to both upper and lower dentures. Can you guess if these weird American laws are real?

You may not win Trivia Night, but at least you'll have the best name. After reading the questions, just put your mouse or cursor over the Answer box and the answer should appear. Have fun with our science trivia and science quizzes for kids! Halloween, which was traditionally a celebration associated with the fall harvest, is one the second biggest American holiday and the holiday most closely associated with candy.

American Trivia Edgar Alvarez.

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When she said America, he almost didn't believe her! Families get together for dinner and fun. For all you sports enthusiasts out there, here is a quiz that will leave you simply amazed. Interesting funny Weird Laws fun facts that are cool to know. No piece of paper can be folded more than 7 times though Mythbusters folded a hangar-sized piece of paper eleven times.

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All of these aspects differentiate us from one another, and, ultimately, give us our own identity. The first American professional soccer league, the USSA, played from to and paid its players cents for every goal scored.

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York, Maine, was America's first chartered city in For what reason did the state of Indiana ban Robin Hood in ? A: Communist , take from the rich and give to the poor We have wrecked our economy, we have lost our values and we have fumbled away our future. You might consume up to grams fat during the big meal. A shrimp's heart is in its head. What year was the celebration that is most commonly considered to be the first Thanksgiving?

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If you're a music lover, music trivia is the fit for you. Most of these trivia questions are quite challenging, so feel good about any that you can get right. Enough Jelly Belly beans were eaten in the last year to circle the earth more than five times. Lewis Museum is named in his honor. The Emperor Claudius legalized what at banquets? A: Farting - public health reasons. Have them make a campaign add and bumper sticker for their President.

The average person does what thirteen times a day? A: Laughs. For more weird trivia and The largest online collection of random, funny, interesting yet useless facts. West Virginia covers about 24, square miles and has a population of about 1.

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That The wackiest and most bizarre weird news stories from around the world and UK A collection of trivia questions about TV shows. The term "the whole 9 yards" came from W.

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In , yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time. But if you look close enough, you can still see many of the things that once made this country a shining beacon to the rest of the world. This was done so that no state would be seen as having greater power. That would be all for some cool and funny trivia questions and answers, for now.

Two American Presidents kept alligators at the White House. The fourth wise monkey is called Shizaru Do no evil.

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  • Fun Facts and Trivia Bet you didn't know. Here you can discover the answers to trivia questions like: "Why was it necessary to put a man on the moon in order for a weak-hitting pitcher to finally hit a home run? While I cannot vouch for the actual accuracy of any of the facts presented at the links above or […] A popular weird law for Hawaii was that you could only have one drink in front of you at a time.

    In , the U. It took a while for us to get the Cougar Gold shipped from Washington, but it was definitely worth the wait. Weird Laws fun facts. Written by JJ Duncan. Or… maybe not. Trivia Night in is fun for many Jun 21, Explore perianmendelson's board "Trivia", followed by people on Pinterest. Reginald F. What is the origin of the name "Canada"? Canada is a name derived from the Huron-Iroquois kanata meaning, a village or settlement.

    America is considered one of the most powerful counties in the world and this is due to advanced technology, economy and even military forces that have secured other counties. Lot's of fun, funny, weird, useless random facts and trivia about hundreds of interesting topics including countries, cities, landmarks, famous people and so much more. Here's a bonus fact to warm you up: that little weirdo from Jerry Maguire looks like this now. Who is in the top level of the Tower of the Helephant? Take Our Weekly Quiz! Assign each student or pair of students one president.

    If you cannot see the entire article, we would appreciate if you would deactivate your ad blocker and refresh the page before continuing to browse. The numbers '' can be found on the back of the U. The premise of the show: A panel of celebrity judges was presented with an obscure trivia, and would then vote on a scale of based on the incredibility of that fact.

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    • Northern Cardinal Trivia The northern cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis is also called the common cardinal, redbird, and Virginia nightingale. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, In the Great Fire of London in , which destroyed 13, houses, 87 churches, the cathedral of St. We write about natural wonders, unusual tourist destinations and odd geographical facts.

      The flea can jump times its body length. Weird History. Planning on wearing hot pink hot pants on your backpacking trip to Australia?

      Think again. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky. In baseball, blood quantum, jacoby ellsbury, joba chamberlain, kyle lohse, stump trivia by Adrienne K. Detroit is known as the car capital of the world.