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A child screamed.

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Wiggle your toes, the magician ordered, flourishing his magic wand, and she did; her disembodied toes wiggled in glittery high-heeled pumps. The audience squealed with delight.

The hunter watched her pink, fine-boned face, her hanging hair, her outstretched throat. Her eyes caught the spotlight. Was she looking at him?

Did she see his face pressed against the window, the wind slashing at his neck, the groceries—onions, a sack of flour—tumbled to the ground around his feet? She was beautiful to him in a way that nothing else had ever been beautiful.

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Snow blew down his collar and drifted around his boots. After some time the magician rejoined the severed box halves, unfastened the buckles, and fluttered his wand, and she was whole again. She climbed out of the box and curtsied in her glittering dress. She smiled as if it were the Resurrection itself.

Prop Design: The Magician's Desk

I love that idea—that women can use our occasional invisibility as a superpower. Thanks to Saffron's wiles and threats , you're about to find out. Mostly self-taught, Bak started his career as a concept artist.

Studios as well as various other independent comics projects. I have a different type of puzzle for you today: three riddles suggested by Adam Rubin , a magician, bestselling-writer and puzzle designer.

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Read the following stories and answer the questions. A retired professional wrestler boards a crowded train in Chicago when a young man stands up to offer his seat.

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The wrestler is not injured and is only 36 years old. All week, riders on the train offer to give up their seat so that the famous wrestler can sit down instead. Why do people keep offering their seat to this muscular former athlete?

Zappo the magician

P enelope works at the Clocktower Lodge at the top of a mountain ski resort. Early one morning, she arrives at the lodge to discover that someone forgot to wind the clock, and it has stopped running. The eponymous clocktower is the only way to tell time on the top of the mountain and no one else is due to arrive at the lodge for several hours. So, Penelope hops on the chairlift, rides down to the bottom of the mountain, notes the correct time and then rides the chairlift back up to the lodge.