The Night of the Rambler

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It was quite a professional looking job. It gets dark quickly in the Adirondacks, and soon the campfire was merrily crackling away as the four caught up on events occurring since their last visit. The baby was due in early July, just a few short weeks away. Eileen fussed over her daughter, making sure she was taking good care of herself. She was. The young woman was a nurse, after all. The young couple laughed about their apartment in North Adams.

It was an attic apartment, and they joked that the bathroom was so small you could sit on the toilet and soak your feet in the tub at the same time. They were going to have to find something a bit bigger once the baby arrived. It was a pleasant and happy Adirondack evening. As is so often the case when having a good time, time flew by and it was soon late.

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Erwin excused himself and went to prepare the icebox for the night. There are a good number of black bears in the Adirondacks so every night, Erwin suspended the icebox out of bear reach between two nearby trees by attaching a rope to its handles. The young man offered to help, but his father-in-law declined. He had his system down pat. So, the young man got up and went over to the old Nash Rambler.

The icebox was secured, and good nights were said. Eileen and Erwin headed to their tent, and the young man made his wife comfortable in the Rambler. Soon everything was quiet, and the happy family settled down for the night. Putting the ignition key in the switch, he turned it one click and reaching for the light switch, turned the headlights on.

The Night of the Rambler

It was furiously batting at the icebox with its forepaws. With each swat, the icebox swung wildly on the ropes that supported it, tied to its handles. The young man thought it was incredible that the handles were still attached!

The bear stopped and looked toward the car. After a second, the bear again turned his attention to the icebox.

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The young man laid into the horn this time. The train was open to anyone who wanted to pay the small fee. It is not really that big of a place, and it would be a relatively easy walk back to the Catherine even for me. The Senior Rambler opted to ride back to the ship so he missed out on tasting some terrific chocolate. He thought that they only made dark chocolate, and he only eats milk chocolate, lots of milk chocolate. In this case, he was very wrong; their milk chocolate was just as good as the dark and ready for sampling. Besides the factory, they have a school where they teach chefs how best to use chocolate in cooking.

They are also famous for working with growers and have long been one of the companies that produce chocolate from single bean varietal.

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Visiting the Valrhona store is an amazing experience even if you are not a chocoholic. I have never seen so much chocolate available for tasting in one place. Dark, milk, filled, plain… even hot chocolate to taste, not so appealing on a warm day, but good nevertheless. As to the fillings, they ran the gamut from the more common creams and jellies to exotic flavors, and being France, liquor filled chocolates.

Although I enjoy chocolate, I only tried a few pieces, and bought some to take home. I did notice that most of the people in the store were tasting multiple samples and I expect that they suffered from severe chocolate overload later on. Unfortunately Valrhona besides being one of the best tasting chocolates is also quite expensive, so choose wisely when you visit.

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You surely make the wanna be traveler come out in everyone. Being that my dad owned a candy store growing up, I would have enjoyed the candy tasting. I love experiencing all the different cultures in your writings and pictures. Another great read backed up by your pics. On June 9, , sixteen men from Anguilla, a forgotten island in the Caribbean, set sail aboard a thirty-five-foot sloop, the Rambler , to make the night-time journey to St.

Kitts, where they intended to carry out a coup d'tat and install a new government sympathetic to their separatist cause.

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Set against the turbulent background of world politics in the sixties, The Night of the Rambler tells the story of a misinformed and misconceived plan, carried out incompetently by a group of scarcely trained and ill-equipped amateurs who escape calamity by mere coincidence. And yet, somehow, the main purpose of their mission, the furtherance of Anguilla's struggle to dissociate itself from the newly formed state of St.

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Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla and to return to the British colonial fold, is significantly strengthened by this, quite possibly the most outrageous episode in the history of revolutions.